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Song We Used To Play

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The electronic wizard Rangleklods is fully in his element on "Song We Used To Play". Take 90’s house with a touch of eurodance, add stabbing vocal chops, playful synths and a groovy four on floor — sprinkle some Rangleklods eccentricity on top and you have the danceable “Song We Used To Play”.

Inspired by his youth in the suburbs — memories of both enduring and fleeting friendships are artfully encapsulated by the soundscape that surrounds them. With nostalgia at its core, Rangleklods has created a unique bridge between melancholic songwriting and his futuristic electronic craftsmanship.

"It's a song about a friendship that faded away. You move away, forget to stay in touch, and eventually the relationship is just a fond, hazy memory that you hold onto. And the lyrics, just like the friendship you look back on, are also fading away — only the melody is persistent, and remains.” says Esben, who sings:

there’s a song // we used to play // we sang along // everyday // but just like us it slipped away // forgot the words // but the melody went like