Efterklang | Artist | TAMBOURHINOCEROS


Efterklang have carved a path as one of the most successful and progressive Danish bands, constantly trying to evolve through every record and seeking out new territory with their music. They have played in the Sydney Opera House, made films with Vincent Moon, created a sound installation in the world renowned restaurant Noma and performed the opera Leaves - The Colour of Falling as part of the Copenhagen Opera Festival.

In 2015 Efterklang announced they had started a new band named Liima together with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö. As Liima, they released the albums ii (2016) and 1982 (2017). This period served as a short hiatus to touring as Efterklang, before they returned with their widely acclaimed - and first Danish language release - Altid Sammen (2019). 

Efterklang is the creative output of singer Casper Clausen, bassist Rasmus Stolberg, and keyboardist / producer Mads Brauer. They are also the main force behind the online free-form radio station The Lake which has made a decisive impact on the alternative radio landscape and which has also morphed into By The Lake Festival in Berlin and Badesøen Festival outside of Copenhagen.

Following 16 sold-out shows of their explorative opera Leaves - The Colour of Falling, Efterklang joined Tambourhinoceros for the opera’s official release; a genre-breaking collection of tracks composed in collaboration with the award winning composer Karsten Fundal, released on November 4th, 2016.

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